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Boecker provides an excellent work environment consisting of a professional, highly trained team of specialists in the fields of Environmental Health, Entomology, Marketing &and Business Development.

Furthermore, Boecker has developed "Boecker Academy," a specialized center for the formation and training of professional pest management technicians. The Academy is run by accredited trainers with strong backgrounds in Entomology, Environmental Health, Agricultural Sciences and Field Experience.


• Boecker is an ISO9001:2008 certified company and an innovator in Quality Standards.

• Boecker is an active member of:

o National Pest Management Association - NPMA, USA
o British Pest Control Association - BPCA, UK
o The Royal Society of Public Health – RSPH, UK (Corporate Member)
o Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance – HABC, UK
o The Society of Food Hygiene Technology - SOFHT, UK
o The International Food Protection Association - IFPA, USA
o The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - CIEH, UK
o The International Food Safety Executives Association - IFSEA, USA


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