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Since 1979, Azar & Abi Habib Est. has been a leading player in the ceramics and glass tiling sector in Lebanon.

Our main objective is to provide the Lebanese market with the highest quality and largest variety of tiles at the most competitive prices. Currently, we have two showrooms. One in Dora and the second in Jdeideh. With more than 1,000,000 mof international tiles in stock, we provide client based ordering ready for immediate or customized delivery.

At Azar & Abi Habib, we cater to our clients’ demands. We offer a variety of exquisite Ceramic Tiles, Glass Blocks, Mosaic, Hand Painted Tiles and HD Digitally printed Tiles.

Our large range of tiles are designed for all uses -  Floors, Walls, Exterior, Interior, Domestic and Industrial. We have in stock a wide range of Modern, Classic and Country styles, and a variety of Natural, Polished, Honed, Slate Cut and Satin surfaces.

We also provide our customers with various Tile Technologies such as Single Firing, Double Firing, Glazed Porcelain, Full Body Porcelain -Stoneware- and 5 mm Tiles.

Trustworthy. Client Oriented. Our founding principles are based on customer satisfaction and characterize our company.

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