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Afif Kichli Est was founded in 2001, we are experts in the field of Satellites, CCTV and Household Appliances. The company is known as one of the main players in the local and regional market, and is a leader in providing innovative, advanced products and technologies.

Afif Kichli Est is the exclusive agent for several international brands in Lebanon, to name a few TECHNOCOMS, KOLMAN, ZINWELL and SIYMASTER these brands are leaders in Satellite & CCTV.

Based on our wide experience in the industry, we are on a continuous search for new and state-of-the-art technologies. We strive to meet the customer’s requirements and needs, and to provide him with customized and high quality services at competitive prices.

The mission of our company is to make the world a small village, and to shorten the distance between human beings from all around the world. We accomplish this mission by providing the newest technological innovations in all fields of life, and constantly work on improving communications, thus building bridges between countries, states and even continents.

Through all the rapid changes witnessed by our modern society, we maintain important values, namely respect, fidelity and trust. We welcome your ideas and opinions.

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