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We Provide all kind of electric contracting services and supplies for residential and commercial since 1991.
We adopt all jobs from start to end, design and implementation from wiring, installation, service after the job is all done,  etc...

We sell wholesale and retail of all electric supplies and parts to all retailers and individuals at very affordable prices.

Light bulbs of all sizes
Light Fixtures, indoor and outdoor 
Home Lighting
Electric Boxes, Fittings
Electric Tapes, Electric Testers
Electric Tools
Flash Lights and Lanterns
Extension Cords, Power Strips
Wires, All sizes
Switches, Outlets, Plugs
Electric surge protection
UPS batteries
Ceiling Fans, All Type Fans
Electric Heaters
Electric wires, All sizes
Electric Testers
Timers and lighting Controls
Commercial Lighting
Residential Lighting
Contracting from start to finish

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