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Ets khoury is a Lebanese company established in 1982 by Mr. Georges Khoury, a professional mechanical entrepreneur.

It started up as a Lebanon-based business, with a small showroom located in south Metn’s Furn El-Chebbak area. The business expanded, and a bigger display area was built near the first showroom.

Ets khoury is an executive dealer to a number of European brands. It offers a wide and specialized range of kitchen, bathroom, plumping and heating accessories as well as water technology products. It provides both wholesale and retails services.

Our highly professional and fully dedicated team provides clients with guidance as to choosing the products and services that are most tailored to their demands, whether they needed assistance in major business projects or in their dream homes.

We have supplied numerous hospitals, hotels, beach resorts and other big establishments inside and outside Lebanon with sanitary equipment, and the number of clients is growing by the day.

Ets Khoury cherishes its clients and caters to their every need, while maintaining a high sense of professionalism and top quality products.

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