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Invelops is a Beirut-based practice founded by a group of façade designers and engineering experts trained to work on highest standard projects with great sensitivity to the architectural and creative intent of the building envelope. The foundation of our work lies in a commitment to achieve the best quality of human experience, alongside an optimistic approach regarding the building envelope’s potential to enrich the spatial experience by optimizing views, natural lighting, and thermal comfort.
We do believe that a well-designed façade is crucial to a complacent user experience which is also associated with the building’s performance indicator. We at invelops strive to provide ingenious solutions that comply with the aesthetic and performance requirements, along with a grounded capacity to address and anticipate issues related to façade engineering and constructions that our clients may face during the lifetime of the project.
Our expertise covers all phases of the project, from the pre-award to the final inspection and handing over stage, as we are equipped with experts coming from varied and considerable specialties in building  invelopes, thus generating a rich comprehensive culture and work environment. We extensively collaborate with every other building design discipline to ensure that our proposals are integrated with all the other interfaces encompassing the building envelope.
Our vast +11 years of project experience ranges from unconventional high-rise developments such as Al Mana Tower in Qatar and Sky View Residences in U.A.E, to world famous ground breaking projects such as Beirut Terraces in Lebanon, and large technically challenging cultural complexes such as The Supreme Education Council in Qatar. We work on new buildings and on renovation evaluation and proposals of existing buildings.

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