• Q:What is Weservio?

    S:Weservio Nedir?

    س: ما هو Weservio?

    Weservio offering the complete home services including plumbing services, electric services, carpentry services, cleaning services, pest control services, home security services etc. We Serve You delivers solutions for your entire home from interior to exterior.

    Our Aim is to provide top class and hassle free home services by delivering excellent customer service. We try to send our technician on time at your property and complete your query within a time frame.


  • Q:What parts of the house does the inspection cover?

    S:Kontrol evin nerelerini kapsamaktadır?

    س: ما هي أجزاء المنزل التي يغطيها التفتيش؟

    All areas are typically covered including the exterior, garage/shed, roof, basement/crawl space, heat, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, fireplace/alternate heat, interior, baths, attic. We have over 250 items on our checklist that we use when we inspect a home.

  • Q:Will I have a choice of who comes to my home?

    S:Evime kimin geleceğini seçme şansım var mı?

    س: هل سيكون لدي اختيار من يأتي إلى منزلي؟

    Yes. you must be satisfied. We always try to accommodate any requests you may have for a change in service provider.

  • Q:How do I know if a service is available in my area?

    S:Bölgemde bir servis olup olmadığını nasıl anlarım?

    س: كيف أعرف ما إذا كانت الخدمة متوفرة في منطقتي؟

    You can find out if a service is available near you by clicking on a specific service you're interested in, such as Repairing, and choose your city.

  • Q:What is the lead time for an appointment?

    S:Randevu için geri dönüş süresi nedir?

    س: ما هو المهلة المحددة للموعد؟

    We can often schedule your appointment within a few days of your call. However, during the busiest times of the year (typically late spring thru early fall), the schedule fills up and you may have to wait a couple of weeks to get on the schedule. Please confirm or cancel no less than three days ahead of schedule.

  • Q:What if I only need help for an hour or two?

    S:Peki, sadece bir ya da iki saat yardıma ihtiyacım olursa ne oluyor?

    س: ماذا لو كنت بحاجة إلى مساعدة لمدة ساعة أو ساعتين فقط؟

    No problem. At Weservio , we have no minimum hour requirements.

  • Q:Will I need to purchase any parts for the service?

    S:Servis için herhangi bir parça satın almam gerekecek mi?

    س: هل سأحتاج إلى شراء أي أجزاء للخدمة؟

    This varies by service. 

  • Q:How do I pay for my service?

    S:Hizmet bedelini nasıl ödeyebilirim?

    س: كيف أدفع مقابل خدمتي؟

    Once your service is completed, you can pay to the platform directly or to the person directly cash.

  • Q:How fast do you provide service?

    S:Hizmet sürenizin hızı nedir?

    س: مدى السرعة التي تقدم بها الخدمة؟

     Our Servicing department is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The servicing on your equipment is done in a timely fashion by one of our many certified technicians.

  • Q:How are we different from other company?

    S:Diğer şirketlerden sizi farklı kılan nedir?

    س: كيف نحن مختلفون عن الشركة الأخرى؟

    At Weservio we find it very important to build relationships with others. That is why you have a direct contact for any service that you have done with any of our representatives.

  • Q:Are your services provider qualified?

    S:Servis sağlayıcılarınız nitelikli mi?

    س: هل مزود خدماتك مؤهل؟

    At Weservio all of our services provider have certifications.

  • Q:What if my service provider doesn't show up for my appointment?

    S:Servis sağlayıcım ile randevum görünmüyorsa ne yapabilirim?

    س: ماذا لو لم يظهر مزود الخدمة الخاص بي لموعدتي؟

    We hope you don't have to deal with this inconvenience, but if you do, contact your service provider. If you don't hear back from your pro within 2 business days, contact Customer Service. 

  • Q:How do I change providers?

    S:Servis sağlayıcımı nasıl değiştirebilirim?

    س: كيف أقوم بتغيير مقدمي الخدمات؟

    To change service providers, you'll need to cancel the service and select the provider you wish to have. Please note that you can only cancel your service up to 24 hours before your appointment whether to change providers or to cancel altogether.

  • Q:How do I contact my service provider?

    S:Servis sağlayıcımla nasıl iletişim kurabilirim?

    س: كيف أتصل بمزود الخدمة الخاص بي؟

    By sending email or phone call.

  • Q:What if my service provider is not responding to my emails?

    S:Servis sağlayıcım e-postalarıma yanıt vermesse ne yapabilirim?

    س: ماذا لو لم يستجب مزود الخدمة لرسائل البريد الإلكتروني الخاصة بي؟

    Please allow the service provider 2 business days to get back to you. If you're unable to get in touch with your service provider after 2 business days, contact Customer Service.

  • Q:What if something goes wrong, or if I'm not satisfied with service?

    S:Bir şeyler ters giderse veya hizmetten memnun kalmazsam ne yapabilirim?

    س: ماذا لو حدث خطأ ما ، أو إذا لم أكن راضياً عن الخدمة؟

    We stand behind every service with our Happiness Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the service you received, contact Customer Service.

  • Q:How do I contact Weservio Customer Service?

    S:Weservio Müşteri Hizmetleriyle nasıl iletişime geçebilirim?

    س: كيف أتصل بخدمة عملاء Weservio؟

    Click on cs@weservio.com

  • Q:How can I be a provider on Weservio?

    S:Weservio'da nasıl servis sağlayıcısı olabilirim?

    س: كيف يمكنني أن أكون مزودًا في Weservio؟

    Register as Provider to learn more and apply.